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Xplosion iOS Redesign


Xplosion iOS app Redesign

UX Researcher & Interaction Designer

The Xplosion app connects with up to three wearable body sensors allowing baseball coaches to record players during batting practice then to analyzes the data.

This redesign of the Team Dashboard, Create Team, Add Player, and Team Charts was to make the data clearer and more actionable for coaches. The project was a three-week sprint using Sketch, InVision, MindMeister, Xtensio, and Google Drive.


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Holiday Inn Business Traveler

Holiday Inn Business Traveler for iOS

UX Researcher & Interaction Designer

This spec project showed me with the value of user research as the information I found with user interviews directly went into interaction design.

This app is for business travelers who travel in groups. This project was a two-week sprint using Sketch app, InVision, and Zoom.


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Blanton Museum Giftshop Website

Blanton Museum Giftshop Website

UX Generalist

This spec design was for Blanton Museum Giftshop as they don't have a Giftshop Website currently. 

This web has a full check out process design for easy of use.  I used information architecture to create a search option. This project was two weeks from start to finish using MindMeister, Xtensio, Balsamiq, InVision, Zoom, and Sketch.



coming soon...

Quiet Spaces iOS App

UX Generalist

This original app design lets you save your favorite quiet places while hiking or taking walks in the city. It uses GPS coordinates to let you get back to the locations you loved. This app also will let you see if your favorite places are dealing with drought alerts or lots of traffic. I had one week to complete this prototype using Paper Prototyping and InVision.



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Closet Saver for iOS

UX Generalist

An app to organize your closet items and save the dimensions for the next time you move. Next time you unpack your stuff, will be ready to move them around in the digital world before you do it in the real world.

I had five days to finish this design using Paper and Pen and Google Slide Show.