About Me

b. 1986, HK.

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 I’m a story-driven UX Research & Interaction Designer. I find out how users see the world; then I bring those stories into my designs.


I'm always looking for ways to humanize the digital world. Motivated by curiosity, compassion, and an affinity for all things out of the ordinary. 


My Journey so far...

I’m an Austin girl who has grow up with the city I love. Both Austin and I have had our ups and downs. Neither of us is good with traffic, and we both have a sincere appreciation for the arts and good storytelling.

Good stories highlight familiar problems and expand your point of view. Stories increase empathy for groups of people around you and take you to new worlds that are just waiting for an explorer to come along.

My favorite stories bring you into new worlds, help you learn, encourage growth and empathy. Stories like; The Martian, Arrival, the original Star Trek, and The Princess Bride have done this for me.

Ten plus years of customer service experience has drawn my attention to human pains that follow new technology. I've seen how design can have a positive or negative impact on people's daily lives. People tell their stories all around us every day. It's up to us to listen and give those stories the spotlight of good design

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I bring positive change and solutions to user pain.